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When cravings hit and you need something that will hit the spot, consider something outside of the box. With bold spices and savory sauces, every dish at Amina’s African Sambusas is crafted with tradition in mind. At our African restaurant, history meets culinary expertise to provide some of the best meals in Boise, ID.

Authentic African Cuisine

A love of African culture is at the heart of what we do. We utilize fresh ingredients and partner with local vendors to serve up the best Kenyan, Somalian, Ethiopian, and Tanzanian cuisine. By staying true to recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, our African restaurant hopes to share a bit of our past with you every time you dine with us.

A Community Staple

Amina’s African Sambusas has been wowing diners across Boise, ID, since 2012. We got our start serving samosas and other staples of African cuisine at the 34th Street Market and The Boise Public Market. As we move toward a brick-and-mortar restaurant, our African restaurant hopes to bring that same community spirit to every meal.

Putting Love & Care Into All of Our Dishes

At our African restaurant, we have a true love of food. As a leader in casual dining, we try to treat every diner like family. By taking our time when cooking, getting to know our customers, and sharing our love of African culture, we want you to push back from our table with an open smile and a full belly.

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When you share a meal with us at Amina’s African Sambusas, you’ll never be disappointed. Our African restaurant has worked for over a decade to meet the needs of our diners with innovative and traditional African cuisine. Give us a call today to place an order with our takeout restaurant.

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